fun stuffWallpaper – Aug 2020

Wallpaper – Aug 2020

Hi everyone! I have been pretty busy and August has been a great learning month for me. Now that my work is starting to calm down, all I can think about is spending a day swimming around in a pool or catching the sunset by the beach with a nice refreshing soda. Ahhh~! And two big scoops of ice cream! It is mid-summer in many countries now, and in our ever hot and sunny Singapore, I hope that this wallpaper will cool you (and your phones) down. Remember to take frequent breaks and have time for yourself!

Each month of 2020, I will share a wallpaper freebie with anyone who comes to this site.
It usually comes from an idea or a sketch during my off days and if you like it, feel free to use it!

The wallpapers are only sized for iPads, iPhones and certain Android Phones.
If it doesn’t fit your current phone size, please try expanding or shrinking the image so that it fits well on your phone.
I’m open to making more sizes available. Send a request with a comment below!

Summer Pool Wallpaper – Free for download

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