fun stuff

fun stuff

What do you miss most about travelling? Ah, the travel bug and what ifs. It is surreal how the world got locked up suddenly and now, the thought of going to visit another country seems so faraway. I love travelling and exploring new places. The long train rides, bumpy bus journeys, ear popping airplane flights, […]

What is your favourite colour combination? How was everyone’s Lunar New Year weekend? 🙂 This month’s question was favourite colour combinations. When asked my favourite colour, I find it hard to choose just one. However when asked my favourite colour combination, I’m obsessed with red and pink together! Many of you have responded with your […]

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YABAI YABAI is a textile studio based in Singapore, specializing in prints and patterns. We are also open to illustration and graphic design collaborations!

For inquiries and collaborations, feel free to reach us at or Instagram.