fun stuffWallpaper – Feb 2021

Wallpaper – Feb 2021

What is your favourite colour combination?

How was everyone’s Lunar New Year weekend? 🙂 This month’s question was favourite colour combinations. When asked my favourite colour, I find it hard to choose just one. However when asked my favourite colour combination, I’m obsessed with red and pink together! Many of you have responded with your favourite combinations and a lot of you have answered “pink and green”. I decided to make an abstract wallpaper to play around with the two colours. Have a great February!

Each month of 2021, I will post a question on my instagram page and pick an answer to design a wallpaper with it!
This month’s contributors are @riithumta, @edsheeren_stan, and @0.25mm. Thank you so much!
Stay tuned for next month’s question on my instagram.

The wallpapers are only sized for iPads, iPhones and certain Android Phones.
If it doesn’t fit your current phone size, please try expanding or shrinking the image so that it fits well on your phone.
I’m open to making more sizes available. Send a request with a comment below!

Pink & Green

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